Practice blogging needn’t be a chore (nor a bore)

Blogging is still a mystery to many practice owners. What do you write about? How often? Who will read it? Is it all a waste of time?

Consider this: Could you talk for 5 minutes about a treatment, or ailment, or a common question you receive all the time? Of course you could — you do it all the time with your clients in your practice.

Video blogging

Then why not light up your room, set up your smartphone and simply shoot an informal video about that same topic? In fact, it wouldn’t be hard to make a list of 20 such topics.

You can then embed these videos as blog posts on your website. Now not only you have a growing library of really useful material, but your prospects get to meet, know, like and trust you. This is a huge step towards getting more appointments.

Best of all, these few hours you invest one time will pay off for years to come.

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